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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Leave and Attendance Management System – A Key Enabler

An online system that helps organizations capture & evaluate an employee’s leave & attendance record, offers myriad advantages to all 3 constituents viz The Employee, The Human Resources Department & the Organization at large.

Leave & Attendance Management systems also lend themselves to the employee’s real time reporting of planned leaves, which enables line managers to allocate work to existing staff, well in advance thereby ensuring department productivity is unaffected. The system also goes a long way in ensuring timeliness & absenteeism’s kept under check especially in case of remote locations.

The integration of the Leave & Attendance Management system with the punch card/ biometric system of attendance recording, ensures that the system is error free & requires no manual intervention. This facilitates efficient payroll processing as it takes away the need to capture attendance data from a multitude of sources, namely different attendance systems, manual registers etc. It is a great step towards saving time & money spent towards cumbersome administrative tasks& improving not just ROI but also employee morale as the HR personnel focus on a range of strategic issues.

The system can be customized to each organization’s requirements ensuring that shift timings, compensatory offs, weekly offs & other such organization/department specific data is per-fed into the system.

The system also functions as a great repository of information, with the facility to store Employee Demographic information including but not limited to:

This central repository of data could be put to multiple uses such as employee motivation schemes centered around personalized birthday wishes etc.

A great feature of the Leave & Attendance Management System, is its ability to empower employees. With the Leave & Attendance System speaking seamlessly to the Employee Self Service (ESS) module, it can among other features, generate automated mail alerts asking employees to update their attendance status.

Other than its tactical function, Leave& Attendance Management System also works as a great strategic tool in empowering the organization with valuable data that aids decision-making & business intelligence. The leave & attendance records can be filtered using a number of variables such as location, department, function etc, offering valuable insights.With the system enabling a number of MIS reports, it not only helps track employee leave & attendance records, it brings to the fore, any emerging trends that can be proactively tackled.

Needless to mention that it is also a great way towards a paperless office & the “Go Green” initiative adopted by most forward looking organizations. Read more.


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