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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Performance Management System - Empowering Transparency & Goal Accountability

A Performance Management System is designed to capture data related to the performance and professional development of employees with output focus on constructive feedback and developmental suggestions. They are customized for organizations with the aim to capture and store performance evaluation scores and employee review forms for conducting an objective review process, which includes employee’s self evaluation and participation. The basic objectives of the system include:

 1.Provide performance feedback to employee's
2.Identify training needs.
3.Customize development plans and assist in organization decision-making.

Carrying out the entire performance management process of creating, distributing, collecting and analyzing appraisal forms online, brings about greater efficiency, flexibility as well as management of the entire process. Organizations with geographically dispersed workforce find the flexibility that an online system offers, especially beneficial as it affords employee ready access to the system, irrespective of their location. 

Some of the key advantages of having an online system include:
1.Greater transparency.
2.Goal accountability.
3.Accessible from anywhere.
4.Improved decision making.

An online performance appraisal system allows access to data from anywhere, and at any time resulting in greater process efficiency as well as significant cost saving in terms of eliminating the need for paper forms and chasing people for signatures.

The performance management system allows managers to record performance data throughout the performance review period. This feature helps to provide managers with a more accurate view of an employee's performance vis-à-vis relying on memory to recall all assignments worked on by an employee during the review period, which often leads to biases of regency.

Since performance data is available to manager at all times, it is easier for managers to offer coaching or reinforcement to ensure performance and timeliness remain on track. It also makes it possible for Managers to view team metrics and make informed decisions on increments and promotions with the help of latest information. Also, an online performance management system makes it easier to fill open positions internally through proper evaluation on performance and potential.

Importantly, an online performance management system makes it possible to track goal accountability & ensure greater linkages of rewards with results. Employees can record achievements against the goals for managers to review and provide feedback allowing for greater accountability and alignment with organizational goals.

One of the biggest gains for employees with an online performance management system is the fact that it allows for greater transparency in the entire process as it maintains a record of all transactions, historic as well as current, related to a particular employee. Employees can track progress against the performance appraisal process online and can also record feedback on the system.

Modern performance appraisal systems have advanced to offer sophisticated tools and features for greater flexibility and analysis making it even simpler to generate summarized reports across various parameters. They not help monitor an employee’s progress, but also help to identify trends, that aid strategic decision-making. Read more.


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  4. By moving the process of creating, distributing, collecting and analyzing questionnaires online, performance appraisal systems instantly become more flexible, more manageable and more efficient. This kind of flexibility is especially beneficial for larger organizations that have employees in more than one location, perhaps also in different countries. The use of an Employee Performance Review Software gives all employees in an organization instant access to the system, regardless of their location.