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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Managing your workforce through Netcomm Labs HRMS system

Netcomm Labs presents the most versatile Intranet Solution with integration of the most sophisticated features to handle your day to day operations with ease and care. The Employee Self service program has been made to ensure that all your basic communication needs are covered with ease. Simple and innovative features are a significant part of the program and utilize the latest management tools for sharing information.
With Payroll, tax filling and reporting becomes easier and the time lag is notably decreased. Payrollsoftware programs can be for weekly, biweekly or monthly basis use.  A broad range of features are available for the benefits of a company providing vital financial reports, crucial audit management detailing payroll costs through employee or cost department. With its help managers can sort out and track personnel records providing assistance in the HR functions of the organization.

With an employee portal a company and its officials can offer unique services to their employees to ensure their satisfaction. With the employee self service program only one third of the conventional application for the employee and HR person would be required. All transaction information is added to benefit balances, record attendance, claims, payroll queries, etc. One can immediately see the savings in effort for all employees and HR executives and this directly translates to better productivity for the company. In environments with Employee portals, 500 employees being served well through a single executive is common. In non-automated environments the number would range anywhere between 50 and 200 being dependent on the complexity of HR environment. With Employee portals ROI can be brought back in a matter of months. In case if any employee forgets his or her password, you can easily retrieve it through password retrieval.

It is well known that vacations and holidays are a necessity among organizations and their workers. Everyone needs a holiday and the staff constantly manages the whereabouts of something that is done manually. Coordinating the absence or leaves of staff and vacations of any organization tends to be a hard task with hundreds of employees. At the present time, various software companies work on leave management system programs that can provide you with essential help to tackle these kinds of problems. To make a close check on the employee files applying for leave, checking on any problems, rejecting or approving different applications can be done with the help of leave management systems

Coordinating all these leave request would surely be a nightmare, but by employing absence management tools you can significantly save costs and reduce challenges. The benefit of using software which incorporates employee vacation calendar in leave management system means that you can have user friendly spreadsheets helping you manage leaves of your employees. 

With human resource information system, you get a track of direction where your work related decisions are leading you. Through getting a better and precise view of the present happenings within your organization, you get the power to predict what would happen in the near future. HRMS software makes it among the best things that company owners could sign for to get results through all aspects.


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