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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Give HR Function a New Lease of life by deploying HR Software

Gone are the errors prone days of calculating payroll on excel sheet, manually generating and distributing pay slips to employees and then spending the next week or so responding to employee queries and recalculating salary due to incorrect deduction or extra payment. Payroll Management system enables easy management of all aspects related to employee’s financial dealing with the company including salary, reimbursements, taxation etc. A well-designed payroll software goes beyond mere calculation of salary, it enables an organization to monitor and track cost and expenses against each employee. Advanced payroll modules also provide for an employee self service application wherein employees can view their pay slips and other details online when needed. The ESS module removes much of the administrative burden associated with payroll management as all information pertaining to their individual finances,with respect to the company can be accessed by employees through their own unique ID and password.

The extensive range of reports and features available is what distinguishes a good payroll system from an average one.

1.Automation of salary calculation based on formulas for tax and allowances
2.Auto generation of pay slips
3.Manage statutory payments
4.Greater control over data
5.Reduces time and effort spent on administering payroll manually
6.Claims management including Local Conveyance, Travel claim, Medical, LTA etc
7.Easy browsing historical salary records for audit purposes

Modern payroll systems are designed to be flexible and adaptable to integrate easily with an organization’s existing HR system or Human Resource Information System making it a single window for all HR information and activity related to employees. The ESS application when combined with the HRIS and payroll system helps to streamline the entire HR process and make it paperless as all approvals and forms are then submitted and approved online rather than on paper.

The greatest benefit of employing an Employee Self Service application is that it makes dissemination of information to geographically dispersed employees easy to administer and manage. Also since the onus of updating his or her information in the system lies with the employee, employee records generally tend to be more relevant and efficiently managed.

The prominent features of a good ESS are

1.Ability to view / edit personal information
2.Submit Tax declaration online
3.View pay slip and tax working online
4.Makes it possible to submit tax returns online
5.Manager access to view team member records
6.Define workflow for employee joining and exit
7.Leave Attendance System
8.Leave Management System through integration of attendance / access card with shift system
9.Asset Management
10.Travel requisition or taxi requisition
11.Book Conference room
12.Mobile / SIM Card or Data card requisition
13.Raise request for ID card/ visiting card

A hallmark of a good HR software is its ability to scale up to add on more features and module based on requirement. In today’s scenario when organizations are looking at automating administrative and repetitive tasks to reduce operational costs and free staff for more value adding activities, it makes sense for organizations to opt for an integrated Human Resource Management system (HRMS) which covers the entire employee life cycle. Read more.


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