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Thursday, 24 October 2013

OfficeNet, Leading the way with its Powerful Human Resource Information System

Organizations across verticals and sectors are increasingly reaping the benefits of the simple, yet powerful HRIS system- OfficeNet, from the house of Netcomm Labs. OfficeNet has enabled businesses to manage the entire employee lifecycle from joining to exit effectively and efficiently.

With its superior design, OfficeNet provides for a more empowered and productive workforce due to easy and fast dissemination of information. Organizations are able to provide easy access to employee handbook and other company documents to all employees, irrespective of time and location differences. Also, OfficeNet’s HRIS makes it possible to administer all employee benefits in an efficient and timely manner enabling a more congenial working atmosphere.

Businesses are also finding decision-making easier and more effective with features to generate any number of customized reports from OfficeNet. OfficeNet’s HRIS makes it possible to update all employee records and status online extremely easily by employees themselves, reducing paperwork and administrative burden for the HR team. With all employee records available in a centralized repository in OfficeNet, data security is ensured with a built in protection mechanism.

OfficeNet comes with advanced technological features which include

OfficeNet Lite delivers superior value with less investment. It has proved to be a highly cost effective way of regularizing communication within an organization and motivating employees towards being more productive.

With a workflow based HRIS system, OfficeNet has proved to be particularly useful in automating recurring employee events such as payslip generation and annual tax return filing leading to greater accuracy with elimination of the possibility of human errors.

Netcommlabs’ latest offering includes the Content Editor bundled with the OfficeNet to make it easy for organizations to maintain an updated and relevant intranet for employees. The Content Editor includes features to update information from multiple sources by providing access to multiple moderators to update information in their specific domain.

“With organizations actively aspiring towards a transparent work culture, OfficeNet’s HRIS system is a great enabler. It goes a long way in empowering employees with its real time dissemination of information”, a senior company resource was quoted as saying. You can also get more information by visit

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