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Friday, 6 June 2014

Employee Portals to Induce Employee Engagement

Human resource is an essential resource for an organisation to achieve its goals. Maintaining the database of employees is essential for small, medium and large enterprises. If you are planning to expand your business or more of your employees are working remotely and across the country, it is primary to stay connected. Furthermore, it is indispensable to build employee engagement with the organisation to enhance productivity, initiate innovation and strengthen culture.

Employee engagement initiates right from the recruitment or even before and continues throughout the employee lifecycle. Thanks to technological inventions today, the employees can easily stay connected with the company, access data and maintain compliance with Employment regulations. These days Employee Portals are getting prominent in organisations as one of the strategic asset that could help in accelerating the organisation’s agility.

A well designed, well executed and managed portal is essential to ensure that the employees are efficaciously supported the system is safe and secure to perform well. Employees can now be heard for their grievances and can be empowered to take part in human resource management programs with the help of Human resource Information systems. These software program increases the transparency and visibility into the HRM process.

These software systems comes with Employee self service features that enables the employees to access their profiles, appraisal history, time logs, salary slips etc. thus, it helps in reducing HR’s work load and leads to faster feedback cycles and happier employees.

With the HRMS, the employees can –

·         Manage their attendance and time
·         Monitor the trainings, approvals and benefits
·         Apply/ cancel leaves
·         Manage their personal profiles
·         Stay connected to seniors and sub-ordinates
·         See the feedbacks
·         Manage self appraisals
·         Raise grievances/ complaints
·         View and act on assignments and can work towards individual and group goals

There are many variations in these software systems. Leave Management is amongst the most important processes of HR and to ensure availability of resources on time and compliance with the leave policy, a proper leave management system is essential to improve employee satisfaction. This system helps in managing employee leave balance and effectively meeting the project delivery deadlines.

Using Performance management Systems, the companies can effectively monitor the performance of the employees as individual and as team players. It helps employees understand what is expected out of them and the importance of their contributions to organisation’s goals and objectives.

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