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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Human Resource Information System– A Quick Guide

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is basically an online solution or software designed to meet the data needs of the HR team and is mostly designed to include an option to add an integrated payroll management and accounting module.

A well-designed and implemented Human Resource Information System provides organizations with a three-fold benefit. Firstly and most importantly, an HRIS system empowers employees with tools to update their own particulars as well as access critical information related to team management, career growth and skill and knowledge enhancement.  Secondly, It frees up HR staff from administrative query management and record updating to perform a more strategic role. Lastly, a Human Resource Information system enables managers to make better decisions and support their team by providing them with tools for real time access to data and analytical reports on their team.

Businesses that invest in implementing an HRIS system suited to their culture and employee values are able to reap rich benefits of a more engaged and productive workforce. Key benefits of using Human Resource Information System include

Newer features like chatting within the HRIS system enable easy flow of information among employees allowing for greater team work and productivity. With a centralized database accessible from anywhere and at any time, Human Resource Information system provides a convenient tool for organizations to host company policies as well as make important announcements. 

Workflow based HRIS system is particularly useful for automating recurring events like monthly payslip generation or annual tax return filing which can easily be completed without human intervention.

Well designed HRIS systems incorporate flexible designs with databases that can easily be  integrated with a range of modules and features. A good HRIS system also provides options to generate customized reports for fast and accurate data analysis and workforce management. Self service module enables more efficient administration of benefits and other employee related processes.

A basic Human Resource Information System typically includes the following features

A more advanced comprehensive HRIS system provides options to add or integrate related application modules such as recruitment management, succession planning, performance management and even learning management.

The HR function is increasingly being called upon to play a more strategic role in current economic conditions for companies to derive and sustain competitive advantage. As the war for available talent pool intensifies, HR and consequently human resource information systems (HRIS) will need to constantly evolve and innovate to include even more value adding business intelligence reporting features, above and beyond, self-service and access to critical information and processes anywhere and at any time. A Human Resource Information system can prove to be an immensely useful tool in helping businesses seamlessly manage a globally dispersed workforce, enhance employee satisfaction, improve efficiency of HR processes as well as achieve cost savings. Read more.


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