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Saturday, 5 October 2013

OfficeNet, Emerges As a Powerful Human Resource Management System to Empower Employees

Human Resource Management System from OfficeNet has become a popular tool among businesses looking for innovative ways to remain connected to a geographically dispersed workforce. Developed by Netcomm Labs, OfficeNet aims at empowering managers & employees alike, to independently manage information related to their roles.

This Human Resource Management system provides organizations with a great platform to make important company announcements simultaneously across locations, as well as to publish newsletters and blogs to ensure employees remain updated on events and achievement in teams other than their own. It also makes it possible to conduct employee surveys and opinion polls to understand issues and concerns at an organizational level.

With access to a disparate set of information and applications made easy, OfficeNet helps quick dissemination of information such as employee policies, holiday listing, events calendar, birthday lists, job listings, information on new joinees as well as the schedule of trainings. Since all employee related information is hosted on a central repository, OfficeNet makes it easy to generate and analyze business intelligence reports for greater organizational effectiveness. 

With OfficeNet, employees can fill out HR related forms online as well as route applications for leave and expenses approval eliminating the need for paper forms as well as wasted time and effort in printing forms and taking them manually for approval. Employees are also spared the necessity of physically tracking the status of their application as it is available online.

What’s more, Netcomm Labs also offers the Content Editor bundled with the OfficeNet to ensure the site remains updated and relevant for employees. The Content Editor makes it possible to provide access to multiple moderators who can update information related to their specific areas or department.

“OfficeNet is the ideal Human Resource Management System for organizations seeking cost effective solutions to enhance employee engagement and empowerment levels”, a senior company representative was quoted as saying. For more information visit

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