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Thursday, 10 October 2013

OfficeNet, an Effective Employee Self Service Portal takes the Industry By Storm

OfficeNet has emerged as a popular Employee Self Service Portal that has found favour with organizations across industry verticals. From the house of Netcomm Labs, this solution aims at empowering managers & employees alike, to independently manage information related to their roles.

On a tactical front, this Employee Self service portal allows employees to view information such as pay slip, earning statements, details of loan installments, PF details online at their convenience. It eliminates both, the need to get in touch with the HR/Admin teams as well as any time lags in procuring information. Easy accessibility and navigation unrestricted by geography or time differences is the biggest advantage of the system.

A significant feature of OfficeNet is that it is based on pre-defined workflows aligned to company policies. It therefore enables employees to initiate a workflow as & when required while automatically enforcing company policy at the application stage itself. This in turn significantly reduces both turnaround time and administrative costs.

With the growing corporate culture of employee empowerment, this Employee Self Service Portal goes a long way in building an organizational culture of trust & transparency.

Importantly, the Help Desk feature of the portal helps to set SLAs as well as to closely monitor service standards of internal teams. An important feature is the system’s ability to generate a ticket based on a specific issue or complaint. This is, in turn, routed to the concerned department. The ticket is closed only when the issue is satisfactorily resolved. This enables the manager to closely track the resolution time. An escalation mechanism provides for escalating the issue up the hierarchy in case the problem is not satisfactorily resolved.

“The role of an Employee Self Service Portal, increases further in an economic downturn, where it helps to reduce both administrative costs & transaction time. Importantly, it also frees HR time for strategic thinking”, said a senior company representative.

Little Surprise then that the system is in use by over 300000 Users across 20 Industry Verticals.You can also get more information by visit


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