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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Quick Guide To An Employee Self Service System

"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." --Stephen Covey

A well-designed intranet based employee Self Service system is a powerful empowering tool for employees, a relatively low cost means of building a positive association by ensuring all relevant information is available to them at the click of a finger.

In current times, with the internet making access to information instant and easy, employees and managers are simply not willing to wait for information to be made available by a HR representative in a time lag. Employee self-service as a concept, was born out of this very need of businesses to be able to access critical employee information as and when needed. The original concept was to provide an application that could:

ESS was first adopted in a big way by the IT services sector due to the availability of a significant proportion of employees with access to and possessing knowledge of computer and internet. It is particularly advantageous for large corporations with offices and employees spread out geographically across cities and countries. A well-planned and implemented Employee Self Service system provides employees, access to a diverse range of information and forms from a single login. Employee Self Service systems are increasingly evolving into technology tools enabling employees and managers to handle most of their role based data and processes.

Some key benefits of a well-developed ESS system include

Employee Self Service is no longer focused only on providing applications designed to provide relevant information in real time.  It is increasingly being used as a powerful tool for empowering employees and managers to assume greater responsibility towards their jobs as well as professional development. Career planning and growth, skills profiling, learning metrics, goal setting, performance appraisals and a host of analytics are getting added to the ESS applications. Technological advancements, particularly in web technologies, and an improved understanding of human resources, conceptualized and led by HR, but driven by the workforce have triggered this evolution in the ESS application.

A well structured and implemented Employee Self-Service system can take away a sizeable chunk of all HR transactions out of your HR department, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic business value adding responsibilities.

Employee Self Service is now an established Business application developed and implemented with the aim of empowering employees and reducing paperwork errors and cost. By reducing paper waste, ESS also lends itself to being an extremely popular Eco friendly initiative as more companies increasingly look for ways to 'go green'. Read more.

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